Hundreds of years of economic growth in industrialized nations have produced a world that is vastly wealthier and remarkably more interconnected and codependent than ever before. This powerful combination has created a dynamic force for positive social change.

Today, 'Conscious Consumers' are building a better world by considering the environmental, health and societal impacts of products and companies before making purchases. Giving Assistant is on a mission to empower our peers to give-back even more by making it easier than ever to shop responsibly and save money in the process.

If we, as a society, increasingly vote for a better world through our everyday purchases, companies will naturally evolve to become more socially responsible. Together, we have the strength and momentum to forever influence the way we take care of our world and each other.

If Giving Assistant can do our part in this groundbreaking transformation of social commerce, then we, as a team of passionate entrepreneurs, will have fulfilled our mission (and dream). Will you join us to do work that matters?

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